About us

We provide stroke advocacy, prevention, rehabilitation, social support, training, ongoing care and support for stroke survivors and carers


Our Mission is to provide services to reduce the incidence, complications and the burden of strokes.


Stroke Action was established on 10 January 2000, as an outcome of the 1999 UK Department of Health funded Mary Seacole Nursing Leadership award stroke prevention research. The research showed that there was very little support for stroke survivors and their carers in the community. A 'pilot' community based stroke support service was set up in the London Borough of Enfield in 2000. Lessons from this informed our strategic approach to establishing both community based 'Life After Stroke Centres' and 'Stroke Support Groups' in United Kingdom (UK) and Nigeria (NIG).


According to the World Stroke Organisation, 1 in 6 people world wide will have a stroke in their lifetime. Of these, a third will survive, a third will die, and a third will end up with severe disability. Each year, 152,000 people in UK and over 195,000 people in Nigeria are reported to have a stroke. Whilst a national stroke register exists in the UK, there are no systematic processes for capturing stroke incidence in Nigeria where there is no national stroke register. Due to the global increase in strokes, the World Stroke Organisation declared a global fight against strokes in 2011.

Who we are

Stroke Action is a not - for - profit Organisation working with stroke survivors, their carers individuals and partner agencies to promote meaningful, evidence based and quality 'Life after a Stroke' in the community. Stroke Action is registered in England and Wales as a Charity No. 1087190 and a Community Interest Company No. 5292094. It is also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as a Guarantee Company No. 1048804