Agencies & Professionals


The incidence of strokes  has reached epidemic proportions. Current evidence suggest that 152,000 people suffer a stroke in the UK. Over 195,000 Nigerians suffer from stroke each year with 60% of stroke cases dying within six months in Nigeria. Available data is inconsistent in Nigeria due to a lack of national stroke register in the country.

Stroke Action  aims to provide care and support to individuals who have suffered from stroke and individuals with stroke risk factors and ultimately, stop strokes and improve stroke outcomes for stroke survivors and their carers. Stroke Action will work with you to deliver locally designed, tailor made services for:

  •     Stroke awareness
  •     Stroke prevention
  •     Stroke rehabilitation
  •     Social support and Community re-integration
  •     Support and Respite for Carers
  •     Stroke education and training
  •     Stroke Ambassadors Development and Return to Work Program

We will accept referrals from hospitals, agencies, professionals, individuals and family members of stroke survivors to provide community based services to help stroke survivors and their carers with the stroke recovery journey and to cope with ‘Life After a Stroke’. With the right support, optimal function and ability can be achieved to help survivors regain life roles and become socially integrated post stroke.