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Dear Stakeholder

As an organisation, we have developed a Health Management Scheme to partner with individuals, families, communities and organisations to promote, maintain and sustain good health and wellbeing. We aim to save lives through preventing stroke and managing stroke risk factors e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension. Our products are priced to ensure that you receive a comprehensive scope of health and social care services at a competitive price.

We want to ensure that you get accessible and affordable care that you need to prevent the onset of stroke and its risk factors. For those who have already suffered a stroke or have any stroke risk factor like diabetes or hypertension, our services will facilitate management of the condition, enabling you to live a productive and  fulfilling life.

We are committed to providing the right care package that applies to each unique need because we believe that our clientele deserve care that is the RIGHT one. With our team of talented professionals, our  determination and your good will, together we can achieve a healthy future. This way, we will see a future where the healthy citizen is the norm of the Nigerian society.

You can also become a STROKE AMBASSADOR or a STROKE CHAMPION for Stroke Action by helping us to drive forward our vision and mission for quality stroke advocacy, prevention, care and support.

Thank you and well done for coming on board !